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Are you still thinking about where you want to go on your next vacation?

Well, perhaps these pieces of advice from folks on AskReddit will give you some direction.

Take a look at the places they recommend for a getaway.

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“Thessaloniki, Greece.

Great history, awesome food, a vibrant nightlife, and exciting destinations you can explore nearby like Chalkidiki and Mount Olympus.”

“Estonia! Any of the Baltics really.

But Estonia is an absolutely delightful place. It has one of the nicest airports I’ve ever seen, it’s super affordable, great public wifi so it’s easy to navigate, Tallinn is so beautiful and clean, the coast is lovely, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious.

I absolutely loved our trip there and it would be a great base camp if you want to check out the pricier countries around it like Finland, Norway, and Denmark. I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling in my life and Estonia is one of the highlights.”

“North Wales.

It has the Snowdon mountains and so many small steam railways.

Excellent cheese and hikes.”


Overall, I don’t think of Canada as a very travel-friendly place, as it isn’t a very common destination, but it is truly beautiful.

We have everything from sprawling coniferous forests, to the prairies, to the Red Creek Fir forests, to tundra, to rock, to anything, really.

So maybe next time don’t spend all your time in Toronto, or Ottawa, but go somewhere undiscovered. Because that is what Canada is all about.”

“Underrated: almost any other town in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is fabulous, especially if you are into architecture and art. But so expensive and SO crowded that I had no regrets basing my last trip to NL out of Utrecht. Haarlem, Alkmaar, Amersfoort, and Leiden are also deliriously beautiful without having to fight for views alongside stoned college students and Chinese tour groups with no sense of personal space.

The country is so small, it’s incredibly easy to train into Amsterdam from any of the above places. Definitely don’t SKIP Amsterdam altogether though.”

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“The Southern Uplands of Scotland.

Most tourists bypass the south of Scotland and head to the Highlands, so the Southern Uplands tend to be quieter and less touristy.”


Cheap, great food, amazing landscapes, impressive architecture. I freaking loved that country.

It’s especially beautiful in the fall. It’s very gray and foggy and completely fills the gothic stereotype, but in such a great way. It’s amazing if you want to explore abandoned places and landmarks.

Of course, there’s also Dracula’s castle and the winding Transfagarasan mountain road too!”


It’s like a fairytale paradise full of castles and dragons and weird old folktales. The scenery is gorgeous. You can see the entire country in a short visit. The people are unbelievably friendly.

And yet most Americans have never heard of it. I literally got “Wait did you make that country up?” from a fairly well educated friend when I said I was going there.”

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“The south of Chile, from like Valdivia to Punta Arenas feels like an enchanted forest from a fantasy novel or video game or something.

Chile is probably the most underrated travel destination on the planet. There’s a saying in Chile that after God made the world, he put the leftovers off in a corner and called it Chile haha ​​That’s why it has a little bit of every landscape.”

“Bulgaria! A lot of people don’t realize it’s right above Greece so the climate and food are somewhat similar.

I was there in the summer but was reading an article that the best value for European skiing had spots #1 & #2 in Bulgaria. Cheap to stay, eat & drink, very safe.”


A lot of people traveling through this part of Europe tend to skip it, and go straight to Vienna, Prague and/or Budapest (which I understand, all three of those cities are beautiful), but I recommend stopping by there, for a day or two.

It’s not a big city, so two days will be more than enough to see most of what it has to offer (I did see most of it in a day when traveling years ago), it’s really cheap and really nice, the old town is cozy, food is great, and the view from Hrad is great. Also, Devin castle nearby is a great few hour trip too!”

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It really surprised me how beautiful the country was.We went on a road trip from Gdansk-Warschau-Krakow-Auschwitz-Zakopane.

Every city was very beautiful and had a unique history. The cities offer opportunities for people who come for the culture, but also for those who want to party.

We ended in the mountains were we took a beautiful hike to one of the mountain lakes. According to a ranger we spoke there, the mountains have the most floral biodiversity per m2 of any mountain range in Europe.

Prices are very low if you come from a Western country, so we could stay in relatively nice apartments for our student budget. The only downside is that some public highways really suck.”

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