Joseph’s Tea Room: Unique & Beautiful

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Joseph’s Tea Room is a unique & beautiful restaurant experience for any occasion especially for a girls get-together such as a bridal shower, baby shower, gift for mom, or child’s party. I took my mother to Joseph’s Tea Room as a Christmas gift for brunch and we both absolutely loved it! If you’ve never been to a tea room, you’re in for a treat here.

The color scheme is the first thing that drew my attention. I love the colors they chose because it reminds me of a seaside escape near the French side. The outdoor sitting area also makes it feel this way to me. It is very inviting.

When you walk in the first thing you see is the layout. This place is bigger on the inside than what you can see on the outside. If you wish, you can purchase their own products that are displayed and yes, they have tea! A lot of thought & effort was put into the tiniest details such as the floor (who would have thought of making a custom floor?) and the borders in the dining room.

Welcome to the dining room! Once again, the decor is coordinated with the color scheme, wall art, teal chairs, and fresh roses! I said fresh roses! Most places you go to have fake flowers, but not Joseph’s Tea Room. Oh, and did I mention the crystal chandeliers? Gorgeous!

The place settings are top notch. I especially loved the small teacup spoon! They also have an array of tea pots (see behind us in the photo) so delicately displayed and used for their delicious teas. They have a multitude of teas to choose from!

(identity protection for my mom)

The food deserves its section because it was so delicious and beautifully displayed. The first thing that comes out is the pots of teas. Hot pots of teas are chosen by you and each person gets their own pot! This is a great way to taste more than one kind of tea. See what I mean about the spoon in this close up shot?

Next is a berry delight salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was fresh and delicious!

Lastly is the masterpiece! The 3 tier serving stand comes with your choice of 1.5 sandwiches for each person (bottom level), savory bites & spreads such as scones (middle level), and sweet bites (top level). I am a foodie and at first thought I didn’t think I would get full, but that was not the case at all! In fact, we had a few leftovers to enjoy further at home.

If you want something unique, beautiful and different from your usual restaurant experience, I recommend trying Joseph’s Tea Room. Joseph’s Tea Room is especially a great for a special occasion. Go ahead. check them out. And best of all, you’ll be supporting a small business!

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