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Spray roof with the mixture and wait for rain, or you can rinse off immediately. I am working on finishing off part of my basement , and trying to determine the best course of action. I dont seem to currently have a water issue, though there was some moisture in one area when I bought the house. Yes, before you ask, we use our current tub ALL THE TIME. We are able to fit a 48″x66″ two person tub as well as a shower that will be 47″ wide by 63″ deep.

  • However, like any other paint job, exterior painting requires occasional reapplication.
  • Though an open-plan layout is usually top of the reno wish list, this year we want separated spaces that better accommodate remote working and learning.
  • Avon Waste Clearance is a family run waste removal company with over 15 years experience in the Bristol area.
  • Once you purchase your paint, make sure to prep the room by covering what is needed and opening windows, when necessary, for ventilation.

Every permit holder is responsible for requesting inspections at specific stages of construction. Required building inspections are included in the permit cost. Once a permit has been issued, required inspections for the project can be viewed by signing into their Customer Portal account. For additional support applying for a building permit for a secondary suite, refer to the Secondary Suite How-to Guide.

Vinyl/Linoleum – this type of flooring is excellent for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities because you can choose from different patterns and styles. This is also an inexpensive option if you want to save some money on your remodel. Carpets were once a popular flooring choice for homes because they were affordable and provided some insulation and soundproofing. However, carpets have fallen out of favor over the past few years because they can be challenging to keep clean, harbor allergens, trap moisture, and lead to mold growth. One of the simplest ways to alter the appearance of your ceiling is by repainting it a different color.

Put Dimmers on Lights

Add color and interest to the front of your home with DIY wood window boxes filled with overflowing, seasonal blooms. Add a quick and easy dose of style by framing a builder-grade plate glass bathroom mirror with decorative molding. For a pro look, curtains should puddle slightly or just kiss the floor. Try this project on just the set of cabinets flanking your stove or the cabinet over the coffee counter. Aluminum foil is one of those everyday kitchen items that we don’t really give much thought to, but it can be used for a lot more than wrapping leftovers.

Getting your home professionally decluttered is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. Beautiful gutter guards installed in the color we want to match our new roof in one day. I have the fortunate priviiege of an association with Steve, Julie, Justin and the team at Home Improvement USA for the past 20 years.

Outdoor Kitchens to Bring the Outdoors In

Homeowners spent an average of about $4,000 on repairs last year, according to the research. Improving your curb appeal is so valuable when it comes to feeling House & Home Improvement proud of your home, regardless of its age or condition. If I would have mentioned this first, you would have moved onto another site, but it’s true.