Our 2022 summer guide to the best vacation and staycation gifts

Summer is finally here and with the incredible weather we’re having there’s no doubt we’re all looking forward to jetting off, heading for the beaches here in the UK or enjoying the best staycations ever. This summer feels like the world of travel is getting back into action, and we’ve been seeking out some of the best new products on the market to ensure your family holiday goes perfectly. From stylish swimwear, games and toys for kids, mobiles and smart watches that teens will love and the best gifts for a summer at home we think our summer gift to the best vacation and staycation gifts has something for everyone.

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Creating the best staycation this summer

2022 Summer Gift Guide (2)


£179 from Everdure by Heston

This is an absolute must have for summer 2022 and is top of our picks for this season. The portable CUBE BBQ is part of the Everdure range from leading chef Heston Blumenthal and is designed to be an ideal way to enjoy authentic charcoal cooking when you’re out and about. The CUBE BBQ is perfect to take away on days out, as it’s easily portable and comes complete with an integrated food-grade storage tray as well as its own preparation board and a porcelain enamel firebox. Once you’ve arrived on your picnic destination, camping trip or if you’re heading for the beach, the CUBE is simply ideal.

As you’re cooking with charcoal the flavours are always spot on and the CUBE has chrome handles meaning that it’s easy and simple to move  as the heat on the outside is kept to a minimum. Available in three stylish colours including orange, stone and graphite you will love this handy and hard wearing new take on barbecuing – perfect for the summer and a brilliant choice to make this season extra special at home or away on a UK trip.

2. Olivia’s Haven Candles

Taking a break away from your busy schedule this summer is an essential, and we love these new soy candles from Olivia’s Haven which will create a serene and peaceful environment in the heart of your family house, so even if you’re not heading away you can let your mind drift and body relax thanks to the wonderful fragrances. We particularly like the Wild Heather Soy Candle (available for £31 here) which was inspired by Olivia’s mum and her ability to brighten any room, and their Eighter Island (available for £31.00 here) captures the clean fragrance and freshness of a summer sea breeze, so you can keep on enjoying the best of the season in the comfort of your home.

3. Epic Escapes – escape rooms in your own home!

£99 from Epic Escapes

Our kids are now at the age where they’re really enjoying Escape Rooms and we’ve recently taken part in one as a family which was so much fun. We’ve loved discovering this Escape room bundle from Epic Escapes which you can play in the comfort of your home so that you can set yourself and your family and friends a mind bending puzzle and create an escape room in your house.

Inside each Epic Escapes set is three different escape games so it’s easy to challenge your friends or family members to solve the puzzles and escape from the room. The three games each take an hour to play and the clock is always ticking! You will need to deploy teamwork, login and a bit of brain power in order to escape. Start off with the Crime Game especially if you have children playing too, and then you can move onto the intermediate Piracy game or hard Hijack game. Each of them will get you working to crack the codes. Epic Escape is a perfect gift for the summer especially for teens who are at a lose end with their friends, or if you’re hosting a dinner party, summer BBQ or having friends over for the weekend. We’ve loved playing Epic Escape which transforms your room into an immersive game which will get you thinking, puzzling and having fun.

For kids this summer

2022 Summer Gift Guide

1. Wingblade
Prices start from £7.49 on Amazon

We love the idea of getting out and about with the family this summer and with the good weather we’re experiencing there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Even if you’re simply enjoying the garden or taking a trip to the park this Wingblade is a fabulous throw and catch game which kids as young as six will enjoy. It can fly long and short distances and as it has built in performance stabilisers it’s really easy to learn to throw for all ages. We think the Wingblade would be a great bring along for a beach excursion or stow it in your suitcase for holiday fun. This is a fun way to get the whole family active during the summer months.

2. Britannica Magazine

£5.99 a month available here

Getting kids reading at all ages is big on our agenda so we’ve been delighted to come across the brand new magazine range from Britannica, which is filled with amazing fun facts, fascinating articles for kids and awe inspiring photography. Britannica Magazine is aimed at kids aged five to 12 years old and covers an incredible array of subjects from space to nature in a way which children will really love. As well as being brilliant for young enquiring minds there’s a wonderful collection of jokes, puzzles and some recipes for families and kids to try their hands at their summer. We think the Britannia Magazine is a great buy for the summer months and will keep little ones super busy and informed at the same time. 

3. Bug Hotel 

£39.99 from TP Toys

If your little ones are into the natural world, this fab Bug Hotel will get them learning about all shapes of creepy crawlies from a very early age. This Bug Hotel from TP Toys has a clever design which means the panels can be removed to allow for easy access, and there are three different designated rooms for a whole host of different bugs and insects. Kids who are curious about nature will love the chance to get up close with all sorts of creatures, thanks especially to the activity sheets included, and grown ups will adore this stylish addition to the garden which is made from FCS certified European wood and comes pre-assembled. Perfect for a bug friendly home!

4. The Gruffalo Fuzzy-Felt Activity Set

£10 from The Works

If your little ones are fans of the Gruffalo and all things Julia Donaldson then this wonderful activity set will keep them entertained all summer long making up their own amazing adventures.

Parents might also feel a little nostalgic as this set is made with fuzzy felt, the childhood classic of yesteryear and this lovely set includes everything for a young Gruffalo fan to create their own stories. There are over 80 different felt shapes along with a felt playboard. Let your kids tell their version of the Gruffalo story, or make a whole new chapter for the mouse, Gruffalo and all the woodland creatures. A perfect summer treat for young creative minds.

5. and 6. Tamagotchi is back! 

Tamagotchi Pix £59.99 and Tamagotchi original £24.99 from https://tamagotchi.com/ 

Can you believe that Tamagotchi is turning 25 years old this year? That seems incredible to us. As fans of the original Tamagotchi we love that they’re returning, bringing the late 90s back in style! Bandai, the makers of Tamagotchi are launching a limited-edition Tamagotchi Original 25th Anniversary (6) which brings the original digital pet to life once again, so you can care for your pet just like you did before and kids can learn all about the Tamagotchi craze for the first time. We love that you can still raise your Tamagotchi from an egg and into a fully grown pet and there’s also a series of brand new 2022 designs including Pastel Bubble, Retro Flowers and Purple Pink Clock to add to the excitement. There’s yet more Tamagotchi fun to enjoy with the new Tamagotchi Pix (5) which features the interactive virtual pet along with a camera and touch buttons. You can use the camera to help your pet grow and there’s now 100 different Tamagotchi friends to discover, and the chance to link up with other players so there’s endless play to enjoy this summer.

7. Planet Buddies Kids Bluetooth Speaker

£22.99 from Amazon 

These adorable speakers from Planet Buddies are brilliant for bringing audio books and music into your home or your kids bedrooms. They’re perfect to pop on a windowsill or bookshelf and connect to a phone or tablet. They’ve got bluetooth built in and have a 33 feet range so they’ll work well in the home or garden. Kids will love the little characters, especially this penguin and they come with an important message too – Planet Buddies are raising awareness of environmental issues and endangered animals. You can also connect to a mobile phone and using the built in microphone you can answer calls too. We think they’re a great additional to any kids room and as they have four hours play time and 60 hours of standby time, they’ll get lots of use from children this summer as they listen to their favourite tunes or audiobooks.

8. Planet Buddies Car Seat Organiser

£23.99 from Amazon

If you’re heading out this summer on car trips this lovely organiser from Planet Buddies might be a really smart investment especially if you have little ones with you on your journey. The Planet Buddies Car Seat Organiser has lots of clever storage pockets and features the family planet buddies characters so kids will adore the design. We love that the organiser has a clear space for tablets so that children can watch their favourite shows and films on the go, and there’s space for tissues, water bottles and other travel essentials so they’re all easily to hand from children and you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of happy kids on long car journeys. The Organiser is suitable for most cars with adjustable straps. It’s easy to clean too which is another great asset to this clever and fun organiser.

2022 Summer Gift Guide

Waboba Pro Water Bouncing ball

Prices start from £8.99 from Amazon

If you’ve ever seen these amazing balls from Waboba you’ll know how much fun they are at the beach, pool or anywhere with open water. They’re designed to bounce and skim on the surface of any water so they’re perfect to pop into your bag when heading away on holiday or if you’re off to the coast for a day trip. Waboba have a clever gel core which means they can bounce fast and high, so they’re great for family ball games by the sea, or why not see how far you can throw the ball to your friends along the seafront. The Waboba Pro comes in a variety of colours to suit your personal preference and thanks to their clever design, they float on the surface of water too so it’s easy grab and throw! We think these are an affordable way to add some fun to your summer.

Travel essentials

2022 Summer Gift Guide

1. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

£24.95 from Hippychick https://www.hippychick.com/shop/hippychick-waterproof-memory-foam-travel-pillow/ 

If you’ve experienced the amazing qualities of memory foam pillows at home and always wanted to take this with you on your travels, well now you can thanks to this fab travel pillow from Hippychick. It’s perfect for taking along on train, plan or car journeys and can clever adapt to the shape of you head and neck, giving you the most comfortable support as you snooze or simply rest as you head off on your holiday. It packs down to nearly half its size so it’s easy to bring along in a day bag, and because it is made with a naturally hygienic fibre it is an excellent anti-allergy barrier and is also waterproof. We love this clever little travel pillow from Hippychick, it might just transform your summer.

2. Dentek dental repair kit 

Prices vary from Dentek

No one likes to think about things going wrong on a holiday, but just like insurance having a few plans for when things come along to spoil your break can help get things back on track quickly. This lightweight dental repair kit from Dentek is a great item to bring along and pop in your suitcase. It comes with some handy items which will temporarily repair a lost filling, loose crown or inlay. The kit requires no specialist skills and the simple tools will make it easy to sort out your tooth problems before you have the chance to visit the dentist. Made from the same type of materials that dentists use, this clever kit which also comes with plasters and an additional handy bag for your passports and paperwork will ensure any issues with a toothache won’t spoil your break. You’ll find Dentek products in Boots and other high street pharmacists.

3. Superzeros 

£12.99 for two boxes from Superzeros

If your house is anything like ours, breakfast time is always filled with kids taking their time to choose which cereal they want today. We’ve loved discovering Superzeros which are certainly proving to be popular for all ages. The makers of Superzeros have created this brand new cereal to provide a better option for breakfast lovers instead of choices which are carb heavy, high in sugar and have very little protein. Superzeros are have 10g of protein and only nominal sugar per 32g serving and with cocoa, or apple and cinnamon to choose from, you’re certain to find a tasty way to get some energy into your morning. We love that Superzeros are also nut-free, high in fibre and include no gluten-based ingredients.

4. FRESH travel set medium

€63.90 from Ringana

This is a lovely travel set with a difference. Made by RINGANA it brings together all their favourite products in one handy set. RINGANA products are all made with natural raw materials with no mineral oil-based substances, stabilisers, oe environmentally harmful substances. There’s also no raw materials of animal origin or genetically-modified organisms in their products. This set brings together their FRESH sample boxes for body, face and wash all in a stylish clear travel bag. If you’ve already discovered RINGANA you’ll know how good these products feel on the skin and how transformed you feel on the go with the FRESH range.

Great tech for the summer

2022 Summer Gift Guide

1. IMO Q2 Pro

£39.99 from IMO Mobile

We’ve been fans of the range from IMO Mobile for some time, as they make impressive mobiles which are packed with features at a very reasonable price tag, meaning they’re great as a teen’s first phone, or a back up phone at home. They’re available from the IMO Mobile site as well as EE in store and online too here. The IMO Q2 Pro has a memory capacity of 16GB meaning there’s lots of space for apps, photos and videos too. Powered with the latest Android 11 Go there’s a bunch of built in features including Face Unlock, 15 hours standby time and a great camera too, there’s so much here for kids and teens to enjoy. A great phone package for the summer holidays.

2. Edifier W820NB Headphones

£69.99 from Edifier

If you’re deserving of some real me-time this summer, these brilliant headphones from Edifier come highly recommended. We love the design and the incredible sound quality offered by these headphones which include active noise cancelling technology, bluetooth connection and a clever ambient sound mode so you can be aware of your surroundings and still enjoy your favourite music and podcasts. There’s a smart built in microphone and a game mode which allows for low latency. We’ve been particularly impressed with the spec of these headphones which have a really comfortable fit as well as 49 hours of battery use on one charge. YOu can even use them to connect to your mobile and make and receive calls.  Perfect for popping on your flight, in your garden or any short break and simply drifting away. 

3. Xplora XMOVE

£49 from Xplora

This super smart watch from Xplora is a great way for kids to keep an eye on their activity levels this summer and set themselves some amazing challenges. The XMOVE has a clever set of skills which your children will love including step counters, sensors which tell you when its time to get some activity and it can monitor you as you run, walk or cycle. There’s a multi-sport mode and a sleep activity tracker too, all built into a stylish watch with an easy to read 1.3-inch TFT 240 x 240-pixel clear display (which can also tell the time!) and is available a range of colours including petrol, grey and pink. It has a great price tag and as it’s waterproof up to 1.5m deep it can cope with all the activities kids will be up to this summer.

Looking great and feeling fitter this summer

2022 Summer Gift Guide

Babolat and Adidas at Badminton HQ

We are excited about the arrival of the Commonwealth Games later this month and are already feeling inspired to try out more sports as a family. The team at Badminton HQ have put together some brilliant resources for fans of the sport which is certain to be a big part of the games this year. We especially love the Babolat Shadow team shoes (1) (available here for £44.99) which are brilliant to help beginners get to grips with the game. There’s lateral support and heel cushioning built in and the gripsole has been created in collaboration with Michelin. They’re hard wearing and provide excellent durability on the court.  Partner the shoes with the new Babolat Prime Blast racket (2) (£32.95 here)  which is a great entry level racket which is designed for enhanced playability with a fast head speed with a large sweet spot for shot accuracy. We’ve put this set together with the new ADIDAS Squadra mens jersey (3) (£19.99 here) and the ADIDAS Squadra short (4) (£17.95 here) which are lightweight and have a breathable Aeroready Technology built in which moves moisture away from your skin and at the same time keeps you fresh and dry while you play.

2022 Summer Gift Guide

1. Modi Bodi Swimsuit for teenagers

£51 from Modi Bodi

For teenagers hitting the beach or pool this summer then ModiBodi’s period proof swimwear is perfect. They come in a range of fun designs, as well as plain colour prints. You can have bikini versions or swimming costumes. It comes in a range of teenage sizings and is perfect for looking stylish on the beach no matter what time of the month it is. 

2. Shortie PJ set Queen Bee pyjamas

£30 from Their Nibs

Keeping cool overnight is also important when you’re on a trip away to the sun and we love Their Nibs’s beautiful collection. They have a whole range of prints and styles. One of our favourites is this pair of Queen Bee shorties, perfect for helping you stay cool in a hot climate. They come in a really flattering shape and this beautiful pattern.

3. Ladies PJs White Hummingbird print

£33 from Their Nibs

If you are staying in accommodation with air conditioning or looking for some pyjamas to take you through the year Their Nibs traditional pyjamas are amazing. This Hummingbird design comes with a comfrtable fit in a really flattering shape. This is one of Their Nibs trademark designs and is absolutely stunning. Perfect for any time of the year. 

4. Modi Bodi Swimsuit

£72 from Modi Bodi

For adults there are some great period proof swimwear on the market. ModiBodi have some fantastic prints on their recycled swimwear collection. 

Designed to keep you safe from leaks both in and out of the water while still looking and feeling great, this is the perfect partner this summer. The collection is water resistant, fast-drying, UV50+ rated and made to help you have fun in the sun.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Globalmouse summer guide to the best gifts for 2022. Why not check out our guide to London with kids for a great break in the city, or the top things to do in Cornwall with kids if you’re heading west.