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This bakery beat Bobby Flay with their empanadas on the Food Network! When I found out they had a location in my hometown, I just had to try it for myself.

This is the view from the street when I arrived. I wasn’t expecting the bakery to be in an industrial part of town. I do wish they were more visible.

As I approached even closer and parked, the bakery was much smaller outdoors and indoors than I imagined. They did seem to have customers coming in and going out so I figured the food must be good.

The indoors where the customers could see was small, but it looked like where all the action took place (making the pastries & such) was bigger. I got a glimpse of them at work.

While I was waiting for someone else to place their order, I took a look at their menu on paper. The menu is also available on a screen, but it was scrolling a bit too fast for my liking.

I was mainly there to taste their empanadas so I ordered one chicken empanada and one beef empanada. I also wanted to try their Cuban sandwich so I ordered that as well.

Beef empanadas

Let’s start with the beef empanadas. The dough is not made of masa, which is a traditional maize dough which many Spanish countries use to make empanadas, tamales, corn tortillas and more. Although I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t too late, it was delicious. The beef is well seasoned and the filling to the dough portion is well balanced. I’m a stickler for a balance. I don’t like when I see a huge piece of dough and a miniscule amount of filling. The dough itself was lightly golden and I was happy to see that when I bit into it, it didn’t all crumble and fell apart. It held very well.

Beef empanadas

Chicken empanadas

The chicken empanadas was my favourite! The dough is the same and again the filling to the dough portion is well balanced. The chicken was very well seasoned and it was super flavourful. I love the way they add other ingredients to their meat so it makes it more inviting and gives each bite more texture.

Chicken empanadas

The Cuban sandwich was tasty as well. I’m used to having my Cuban sandwich pressed and this was not pressed. The bread was a bit thick to my liking, but overall the entire sandwich was very good.

Cuban sandwiches

For this visit I wanted to taste the savory side (the Chef) of the business. On my next visit, I want to try the sweet side (the Baker).

If you’re into TV food shows and you’re in Pinellas County, Florida go and check out the Chef & The Baker out for yourself! Then let me know what you ordered and how you liked it!

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