13 Travel Resolutions T+L Editors Are Sticking to in 2023

A new year marks a fresh start. Will you pick up a new hobby? Resolve to become a morning person? Strive to strike that perfect work-life balance? No matter your intentions for 2023, there’s one goal we at Travel + Leisure can always get behind: travel more — and better. For some of us that means visiting dream destinations for the first time; for others, it’s not just about where they go, but how they get there, whether it’s better maximizing miles and points or packing smarter and upgrading luggage.

We’re looking forward to all the adventures ahead, and we hope our travel resolutions will serve as inspiration as you crisscross the globe in 2023, too.

Commit to an airline.

Courtesy of American Express

“While I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of airline loyalty, I’ve struggled to fully commit in the past, tempted by the short-term gratification of booking the cheapest flight available for any given trip. In 2023, I’ve decided I’m committing to Delta, starting with my new Delta SkyMiles Amex card — and I’m looking forward to playing the long game and racking up those perks and miles.” — Nina Ruggiero, Digital Editorial Director

Get back to India.

“Like many frequent travelers, I love to experience new destinations each year. But the place I’ve been dreaming about going to next is somewhere I’ve already been: India. I was born in Mumbai, and though I moved to New York at age six, I’ve returned to the country every two years to visit family and friends — until COVID had other plans. I’m longing to go back for the first time since 2018 — to eat my nana’s hello parathasto shop the colorful jutti (shoes) and jewelry from street vendors, to visit my favorite restaurants for chai and idlis and sins and kulfi. That’s not to say I don’t want to see brand-new things, too. In fact, I’ve had my eye on Six Senses Vana, a wellness retreat in the Himalayan foothills of Dehradun, ever since it was featured in Travel + Leisure‘s list of the best places to visit in 2023.” — Alisha Prakash, Associate Editorial Director

Pack lighter.

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“Even when I have a fully plotted-out itinerary, I always feel the need to plan for ‘what if’ scenarios, which leads me to bring way more stuff than I’ll actually wear on a given trip. In 2023, I’m committed to writing out a day-by-day packing list with outfits based around a capsule wardrobe of complementary pieces in a specific color scheme.” — Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor

Finally in Namibia.

evgenyvasenev/Getty Images

“I’ve been dreaming about road tripping the deserts of Namibia for years, ever since I read about the hardcore 4×4 adventures you can have along the Skeleton Coast — and way before #vanlife was a thing. This year may finally be my moment, since the expedition outfitter Nomadic Road is planning a two-week drive across the country in December, an ideal time to go.” — Paul Brady, Articles Editor

Work a week, play a week.

“In 2022, I perfected the art of extending my one-week trips to Europe by working remotely for an additional week on either end of my planned vacation. By simply being willing to work late nights for five days to keep aligned with New York hours, I was rewarded with the joy of mornings spent lounging on the pebble beaches of the Cote d’Azur and taking long walks around the London boroughs of Hackney and Islington. My goal for 2023 is to apply my new approach to travel to finally make it to South America — the last continent I’ve yet to visit besides Antarctica. I’m dreaming of a week spent working in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires before taking a following week off to explore Colombia’s Caribbean coast.” — Elspeth Velten, Travel Group GM

Take that delayed birthday trip.

“Two friends and I are finally going to take a delayed trip for our collective 30th birthdays (two years later, but who’s counting?). Our destination: Colombia. We’ll start in Bogota for some city living, then head to a coffee farm outside Medellín for a few days in the jungle, before ending with some beach time in Cartagena. We’ve been hemming and hawing on this trip for a long time, and while we have some things to check off the list, most of all, we just want to be together.” — Liz Cantrell, Associate Editor

Upgrade my luggage.

“My go-to travel bag — a canvas weekender printed with bucking broncos, gifted to me by my brother for my 12th birthday — is regrettably now beyond repair. So my sad but unavoidable travel resolution for 2023 is to find an upgraded, more grown-up piece of luggage. It’s going to be hard to top the sentimental and perfectly proportioned bag that’s been my trusted travel companion for the past almost-30 years, but I’m hoping something from this working short list will help me let go: the WM J. Mills & Co. Vintage Cambridge, Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut 30, or the Canvelle Weekender.” — Skye Senterfeit, Deputy Photo Editor

Return to Australia.

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“I studied abroad on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2018, and it changed my life. Sure, I haven’t stopped talking about it since then, but now that Australia has fully reopened and new flight routes are popping up from the US, 2023 is my year. I’d love to go back to my old stomping ground, as well as visit Western Australia and swim with whale sharks. I’m keen to go just about any time of year, but my first pick would be during the Southern Hemisphere’s spring or summer.” — Jamie Aranoff, Associate Digital Editor

Up my trip-planning spreadsheet game.

“OK, I know this sounds old, but stick with me: I’m currently planning a honeymoon, and the itinerary I’ve made on a good old Google spreadsheet is a thing of beauty. We’re road tripping from London all the way up to Scotland’s Isle of Skye in the Highlands, and it’s a lot of lovely little towns and pubs and inns to keep straight. Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of our itinerary has been a huge help. I am someone who, frankly, cuts some organizational corners when travel planning, relying on the (perhaps unearned) confidence that I can figure things out on the fly. In planning my honeymoon, I was reminded just how much I like organization and having a plan, and I hope to bring my newfound spreadsheet energy into 2022. (I will, of course, be keeping some of my on-the-fly vibes, too, because a little spontaneity never hurts anyone.)” — Maya Kachroo-Levine, Luxury and Experiences Editor

Gain lounge access.

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“Knowing my flights coming from a smaller airport will likely require some layovers and connections, I’m hoping to find the best way to access airport lounges. I almost always fly direct if I can, but the days of unexpected events and indirect routes are ahead, so I might as well do it in style. I’m looking forward to being a lady of the lounge with all the perks that come with access.” — Mariah Tyler, Visuals Editor

Optimize miles and points.

“I’ve racked up many airline miles and points throughout the years, but I seriously don’t know much about maximizing those credits. There are so many far-flung places I want to go in 2023 — Tokyo! London! — so perhaps this is the year I finally become a points wizard and figure out how to get the best bang for my miles.” — Elizabeth Rhodes, Special Projects Editor

Stop shying away from early morning flights.

“I feel sorry for myself if I have to wake up too early, and with that comes missing out on lower fares on early morning flights. I hope to wake up earlier and maximize my time at my vacation destination.” — Devin Traineau, Associate Photo Editor

Take a South African adventure.

“For the last five years, going on a South African adventure has been my travel dream, and with my honeymoon popping up at the end of 2023, it will be the perfect opportunity. I want to spend the beginning of our trip among the giraffes and elephants in Kruger National Park or Sabi Sands Game Reserve, filling our days soaking in the extraordinary landscape while relaxing around a lodge and out on a game drive. We’ll take in every moment before spending the second half of our trip exploring the more urban scene of Cape Town. We’ll walk through the colorful Bo-Kaap, and while I won’t be surfing, I will make sure to see the penguins at Boulders Beach. And if I’m up for it, after a few days of delicious food and local wine, I might even talk myself into a hike at Table Mountain National Park for that once-in-a-lifetime view.” — Alessandra Amodio, Associate Digital Photo Editor